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august 10, 2018

Statement from Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies

Metro moves to next step in consideration of ARTT Proposal

Metro sent ARTT a request for information today to keep our project moving forward. Here’s our statement on the great news:

“Today’s action by Metro means we are one step closer to gondolas flying thousands of fans to Dodger Stadium. We are pleased that Metro recognizes the aerial has the potential to be a fun and iconic local attraction that captures the public imagination and instills a sense of civic pride.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with the transit agency to improve the way Angelenos move between downtown and Dodger Stadium.”  

-- Martha Welborne, project manager


June 11, 2018

statement from Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies

Metro Accepts Unsolicited Proposal from Los Angeles Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies

“We received confirmation today that Metro has accepted our unsolicited proposal and invited Los Angeles Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies to move to the second phase of its process. We appreciate Metro’s response and are very excited to share more details about this ground-breaking technology.” 

- Martha Welborne, project director for LA ARTT


Press release

New Aerial System Brings Public Transit Connection to Dodger Stadium

The privately-financed proposal will allow fans to “fly” to Dodger Stadium

LOS ANGELES – Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies LLC (ARTT) is proud to announce plans for an aerial rapid transit connection from the region’s transit hub, Union Station in downtown LosAngeles, to Dodger Stadium, providing the first permanent public transit link since the stadium was built nearly 60 years ago.

ARTT submitted an unsolicited proposal to Metro’s Office of Extraordinary Innovation on Wednesday.

“This is a major investment in the future of Los Angeles, with a zero-emission, sustainabletechnology that is increasingly popular for urban areas throughout the world,” said MarthaWelborne, Project Director of ARTT. “We look forward to working with Metro to make it areality.”

Aerial transit is a proven technology providing scenic, efficient and clean transportation for millions of people in major cities, including New York and London, every year. The proposed system could move 5,000+ riders per hour in each direction, benefiting surrounding communities by reducing traffic on local roadways. The aerial system would get fans from downtown to Dodger Stadium in about five minutes.

In its concept proposal to Metro, ARTT proposes to provide funding for the innovative mobility partnership which will design and construct the aerial transit system. Total project costs are estimated to be approximately $125 million and ARTT plans to obtain private financing for construction.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are excited about the planned aerial transit system as transportation for Dodger fans to games at Dodger Stadium and other events.

“Dodger fans know better than anyone: making history means swinging for the fences and never stopping until you get home,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti. “Our team has been at the centerof so many landmark moments for Los Angeles, and this bold idea to ease congestion could transform how Angelenos — and millions of visitors — experience our city on their way to andfrom the ballpark.”

This innovative mobility project is made possible by the cooperation of the Los Angeles Dodgers, to encourage their fans to take the aerial transit system to Dodger Stadium events, and the commitment of McCourt Global to support the aerial transit project and establish ARTT.

Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies founder Drew McCourt stated: "We are proud to work together to create and finance this innovative and zero-carbon transportation solution for Los Angeles. L.A. is a global leader in innovation, and this partnership is an exciting new chapter. This innovative mobility project will be an iconic addition to L.A.’s transportation network.”

With the aerial transit system, hundreds of thousands of annual car trips to Dodger Stadium will be eliminated. Such reductions would greatly improve the flow of traffic for other vehicles and reduce the impacts of congestion on nearby freeways and surrounding areas, thereby improving the game-day transportation experience for local stakeholders and visitors. In addition to improving the region’s traffic flow, the project will benefit air quality. Using thelatest technology, the aerial transit system will have zero-emissions – significantly reducing local area greenhouse gas emissions.

The Los Angeles Dodgers stated: “This is an important and innovative project that willsignificantly improve traffic around Dodger Stadium, taking cars off neighborhood streets, andadding value to the fan experience at Dodger Stadium.”

Public participation and outreach will include detailed review of the proposal’s route, right ofway and station locations. ARTT is asking Metro to take the lead role in the procedural requirements for route selection and right of way, as well as public environmental review. The public review process is targeted to begin in late-2018, so that approvals, including final station and route selection, can occur in 2019-2020. The aerial system is expected to begin operations in 2022.


April 26, 2018